Information, referrals, conversation, general support

Unless otherwise indicated, all the resources listed here are bilingual


Basic health, social, legal info, street work, young parents’ program, a drop-in centre for youth 12-25 years old. Some services offered remotely during the pandemic via phone and email. With McGill medical students, offers mental health and support resources for youth through the Never Alone website and chat line

September 2020: During Covid-19, we remain open and are adapting our services to protect our community. Currently, only staff are allowed inside the building unless by appointment. When visiting our office, please ring the doorbell and wait for a staff member to attend to you. Check here website often for service updates, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Formé de 12 membres bénévoles, le CJ CDNNDG recevra des mandats clairs de la part du conseil d’arrondissement. Il aura aussi à définir ses propres thèmes de travail en lien avec les compétences municipales.

Women’s resource centre Support offered via phone and email during the pandemic, online programming

Centre open as of September 21st, 2020 with strict sanitary measures (by appointment only)


Text: CONNECT to 686868
Volunteers needed


Open 24/7


Stress, anxiety, challenges with children etc.


Open 24/7

Info on community resources and government programs available via phone & email during the pandemic.

Created the Breaking Social Isolation Tele-project (BSI), which aims to break the monotony of isolation and loneliness by creating a virtual space for residents to talk about their concerns through different communication tools, which include language conversation groups, cultural community groups, etc.

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Support to youth through interventions, online programming, and referrals.